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MAY 6, 2023


The Kennett Run combines all the components for a fun running event for everyone.

  • Runs over moderately challenging terrain

  • Distances to match your current ability level, or willingness to challenge yourself

  • Music throughout the event to keep everyone entertained

  • Food and beer after the runs to help you celebrate a great run with your friends


Races Offered

2023 Kennett Run Races

  • 5K

  • 10K

  • 5K PoweRun – PoweRunners either perform bench presses or pullups prior to running in the 5K. Each lift completed reduces running times by 30 seconds

  • 10K PoweRun – PoweRunners either perform bench presses or pullups prior to running in the 10K. Each lift completed reduces running times by 1 minute

  • 1 Mile Walk/Run

  • Kids Pond Run


Race Terrain

All courses are the same as 2022. The running surfaces are a mix of paved and unpaved. All courses start and end within Anson Nixon Park, making it very easy to watch these key parts of the races.

  • The 5K and 10K courses are of moderate difficulty featuring significant hill running fairly early in the race, combined with running through rolling terrain in the latter part of the race. The finish is an easy downhill glide.  About 70% of the 5K and 30% of the 10K course is on the main streets of Kennett Square. The remaining 30% of the 5K is on Anson Nixon Park trails and roads and the road accessing the park. About half the 10K course is on largely rural roads.

  • The 1-mile course is flat for the first half, then a couple of moderate hills.

  • The Kids Pond Run is a flat course around the ponds within Anson Nixon Park.




  • Registration for the 5K and 10K races is $35 through April 8. After April 8 registration is $45.

  • Registration for the 5K and 10K PoweRun races is $50 through April 8. After April 8 registration is $60.

  • Registration for the 1 Mile Walk/Run is $35 through April 8. After April 8, registration is $45.

  • The Kids Pond Run is free for runners below the age of 10, does not include a T-shirt.

RACE SHIRTS ONLY GUARANTEED FOR RUNNERS REGISTERED BEFORE APRIL 22, 2023!! We will try our best to have a shirt for everyone though.



Awards are presented to the fastest man and woman of each race. In addition, there are age bracket winners recognized for the 5K and 10K races. The age brackets are: Under 10, 10-13, 14-19, 20-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60-69, and 70-99. Runners may only win recognition in one race. That means a 5K PoweRun contestant cannot win both the 5K PoweRun and the 5K from his/her run. They must choose which award to receive.



The current Kennett Run course record times are:

Men's 5K

Fastest: 16:12.6   Average: 29:26.5

Women's 5K

Fastest: 18:50.4   Average: 35:19.1


Men's 5k PoweRun

Fastest: 19:56.1   Average: 26:09.2


Women's 5K PoweRun

Fastest: 23:11.0   Average: 28:39.6


Men's 10K

Fastest: 32:23.4   Average: 54:40.2


Women's 10K

Fastest: 40:52.2   Average: 58:39.8


Men's 10K PoweRun

Fastest: 48:07.6   Average: 56:07.0


Women's 10K PoweRun

Fastest: 42:50.9   Average: 48:13.5


Note, the times shown for the PoweRun races are the actual running times, not the time adjusted for the number of weightlifting repetitions done. Last year two contestants did enough repetitions to make their adjusted time negative 2 minutes. Can you reach this level?



Traveling South on Route 1: Take the exit toward Kennett Square at the beginning of the Route 1 bypass. Follow this road toward Kennett Square. Parking is available at either the Kennett Fire Company (Dalmatian Rd. off Cypress St) or . in the front parking lot of Kennett High School (entrances to the lot are on E South St and S Union St). Buses will take you to the park.


Traveling North on Route 1: Take the Kennett Square exit. At the end of the ramp turn right onto Route 82. Follow the instructions for using Route 82 south.


Traveling South on Route 82: Drive into Kennett Square. Turn left onto E Linden St. Park in the Kennett Square Parking Garage on your right and walk about a half mile (continue down Linden St and then follow the path through the park to the start/finish line).


Traveling North on Route 82 or Route 7/Kaolin Rd.:  Drive to the Kennett High School. Park in the lot at the front of the school. Buses will take you to the park.


Race Schedule

Race Day Schedule

6 AM: Anson Nixon Park opens

6:30 AM: Race Registration opens; runners may pick up their shirts and bibs

7:30 AM: Roads through Kennett Square close

7 AM: Power Runners start their exercise

8:30 AM: Registration closes; N., Walnut Street closes out to Route 926

8:45 AM: Runner shirt and bib distribution stops

9 AM: 10K race starts; beverage and food are available for runners

9:20 AM: 5K race starts

9:25 AM: 1 mile walk/run starts

10 AM: Kids Pond Run starts

10:30 AM: Race results announcements start (approximate time, actual will be after last 5K/10K runner has finished); beer service starts

11:30 AM: race day concludes

Course Map


Kennett Run Map 2023-01.jpg


Course Certs
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